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Challenge of the Unknowns

Unknown #2


A 61 year old male presented to a chiropractor with complaints of severe lumbar pain and stiffness. Upon questioning, it was revealed that his symptoms originated approximately 40 years earlier after a fall down some stairs. The symptoms waxed and waned, but overall becoming progressively worse. About 15 years after the fall, construction work combined with a severe motor vehicle accident markedly exacerbated the symptoms of low back pain and stiffness to a reported ten out of ten subjective pain scale. Those acute symptoms subsided somewhat over time, but a few years later sciatica was experienced on the right. About five years prior to presentation, the patient reported that he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

Clinical/Orthopedic Findings:

There was an anterior carriage of the head and overall diminished AP spinal curves. Physical exam revealed markedly reduced lumbar and moderately reduced range of motions in all planes.

"Read carefully"

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Introduction to Unknown Cases

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