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POS01: Strengthening Posture and Motion: Research and Rehab Protocols for Pain Relief, Performance, Wellness and Active Aging

Steven Weiniger, DC

About Steven Weiniger

Steven Weiniger, DC literally wrote the book on Posture Exercise – Stand Taller – Live Longer: An Anti-Aging Strategy.  A recognized expert on strengthening posture for rehab and aging well, his Posture Practice seminars have trained thousands of doctors, trainers, therapists and other health professionals in the StrongPosture™ exercise protocols to keep people standing tall and moving well.

A delegate to the 2005 White House Conference on Aging, Dr. Weiniger is Managing Partner of BodyZone.com.  His work on posture, anti-aging, exercise, and practice management has appeared in professional journals as well as mainstream national media including FOX News, Oprah’s Oxygen network, Natural Health Magazine, American Fitness and Bottom Line/Personal.  Dr. Weiniger will help you align with the long-term healthcare trends of boomer anti-aging and wellness.

E-mail: weiniger@bodyzone.com

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