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Join us for one of these 48-Hour Nutritional programs (four 12 hour sessions in each program) that meets the new Wisconsin Chiropractic Examining Board's requirements allowing chiropractors to provide nutritional counseling. Once you have completed this 48-hour program of study in nutrition and paid a one-time certification fee of $25 you will be eligible to provide guidance and counseling to your patients regarding the health effects of supplements, vitamins and herbs. Click here to read more about the modules.

Robert Rakowski, DC, CCN, DABCN, DIBAK is a is a chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, kinesiologist, certified biological terrain instructor, AFMCP graduate, and the Clinic Director of the Natural Medicine Center in Houston, Texas. In addition to running a busy practice, Dr. Rakowski has lectured nationally and internationally to health professionals on various health topics for over 13 years, and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs as an expert in natural medicine. His patient base includes elite professional athletes, critically ill patients, and patients looking to get the most out of life.

On Campus with Robert Rakowski, DC, CCN, DABCN, DIBAK

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David Seaman, DC, DABCN, DACBN received his bachelor's degree in biology from Rutgers University, then attended New York Chiropractic College, graduating in 1986. He earned his master's degree in nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in 1991 and completed his postdoctoral studies in neurology at Logan Collge of Chiropractic the next year. A popular and prolific author of nutrition, chiropractic and neurology articles, Dr. Seaman is author of the text Clinical Nutrition for Pain, Inflammation and Tissue Healing.

Wausau, WI with David Seaman, DC

The Incubator
100 - 77th Ave
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12 per session
48 Full Program

$229 per session

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Program Description: Each 48-hour program is divided into these four 12-hour modules.



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