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Occupational Health And Applied Ergonomics Diplomate Program


Why Choose Occupational Health?

Today's health care marketplace is rapidly changing and it's the perfect time to position yourself to offer your unique services directly to business and corporate clients in your community. Work with business owners, occupational nurses, human resource directors, engineers, and other health care professionals to improve the work environment. Learn and apply skills to consult with businesses and industries regarding occupational safety, evaluation, and treatment of injured workers, development of preventative interventions and providing employee education.


Field Study Project or Research Paper
As part of the program, establish a relationship with a company (or companies) in your area to collect data for your field study report for a minimum of 12 months. Or you can develop an independent, original research project suitable for publication.  Get your research project published or complete the 12 months study to earn the 72 hours you need to become eligible to apply for the diplomate examination offered by the American Chiropractic Board on Occupational Health (ACBOH).
David Gilkey, DC, DACBOH, MS, PhD

Mentoring for Diplomate Candidates (DACBOH)
You will work with your mentor, David Gilkey, DC, DACBOH, MS, PhD, who will assist you in completing your field study project or research paper (up to 10 hours). There is no additional charge for this service. Contact Dr. Gilkey using email at david.gilkey@colostate.edu or on Skpe/phone at 970-491-7138.

Will I earn CE Credits?
12 hours are awarded when you successfully pass each DVD exam (75% or better). Exams are mailed to you with your order.  Return your exams to Northwestern via fax, email or mail to be graded.

Online courses include an exam.  DOT Drug Testing and Alcohol Screening training course also requires a demonstration of proficiency to become certified.  Certification is provided by the Instructor. DOT Physical Exam course meets the requirements to qualify you to complete a certification exam at computerized testing center in your area so you can get onto the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME).

How do I become a Diplomate?
To become eligible to apply for Diplomate status with the American Chiropractic Board on Occupational Health (ACBOH) you will need to complete our program and the Field Study or Research Paper.  Please visit http://www.acacoh.com/DACBOH_ACBOH.htm for more information.

Joseph J. Sweere, DC, DABCO, DACBOH

Questions, Concerns, Special Cases
Please contact our program coordinator, Joseph J. Sweere, DC, DABCO, DACBOH at jsweere@nwhealth.edu or (952/800) 888-4777 (x269).



DVD Sessions (12 hours per DVD)
Can be taken in any order and/or take single session(s) for your CE hours.

1. The Role of Chiropractic in Occupational Health. Joseph J. Sweere, DC, DABCO, DACBOH

2. How to Promote Services with an Emphasis on Industrial Relations. Scott Bautch, DC, DACBOH

3. Chiropractic Services within the Corporate Setting. Chad Henriksen, DC, DACBOH

4. Ergonomic Considerations of the Seated Worker. Scott Donkin, DC, DACBOH

5. The Biomechanical Stress Index. Post-Offer/Pre-placement Physical/Screening Examinations. Dr. Joseph Sweere

7. The Business of Chiropractic Occupational Health: An A to Z Guide for Getting Your Foot into the Door and What to do Next. David Thorpe, DC, DACBOH

9. Introduction to Environmental and Chemical Hazards. Applied Ergonomics. David Gilkey, DC, DACBOH, MS, PhD

11. Upper Extremity, Cumulative Trauma Disorders. Steve Yeomans, DC, DABCO.

12. Workplace Wellness. Rosaline Ward, MPH, CHES

13. Returning the Injured Worker to the Workplace. Elizabeth Auppl, CDSP, CDSTrainer; Dr. Joseph Sweere; Dawn Soleta, BS (Toro Corp) and Stephanie Igtanloc, MS, CRC, QRC (Chicilo/O'Hara)

14. Forensic Considerations in Occupational Health and the Functional Capacities Evaluation. G. Steven Baer, DC, DABCOH, DABFP

15.  Physical Rehabilitation of the Injuried Worker. Stacy Thornhill Peterson, DC, DACRB

16. Identifying and Responding to Employers' Needs. Scott Bautch, DC, DACBOH and Steve Conway, DC, JD.

17. Integration, Technology and Survival: Putting It All Together. Brian Justice, DC, DABCO and Wendy Brabon, technologies consultant.


Online Sessions
Can be taken in any order and/or take single session(s) for your CE hours.

D.O.T. Drug Testing and Alcohol Screening Training Course (DOT01) (8 Hours)
Elizabeth Auppl, CDSP, CDS Trainer

D.O.T. Physical Exams for National Registry for Certifed Medical Examiners (DOT02) (8 Hours) - Elizabeth Auppl, CDSP, CDS Trainer and Brian Tasky, DC.


Chiropractic On-site Employee Health and Safety Certificate #1 of 3 (OCC02): Applied Ergonomics - The Human/Workplace Interface - Joseph J. Sweere, DC, DACBOH

Program Cost

DVD Sessions
Call (952) 885-5446 to order. Visa/Master Card/Discover/American Express and checks accepted

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Doctors of chiropractic


Students (T7+)


First Year Graduates



Online Courses*:
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D.O.T. Drug Testing and Alcohol Screening Training Course (DOT01)
D.O.T. Physical Exams for the National Registry for Certified Medical Examiners (DOT02)


Chiropractic On-site Employee Health and Safety Certificate #1 of 3 (OCC02) $239

*Students: must be T7 or above to take the online courses. Discounts available. You must be a licensed health professional to complete the DOT Physical Exam training.

State Relicensure Credit

Northwestern has applied for continuing education credit in MN, SD, ND and IA and we are an approved sponsor in many other states. See http://www.nwhealth.edu/conted/ for details. Or please contact Kathy Tainter at 952-885-5446 if you have any questions or to request approvals in other states.  Some states do not allow you to earn licensure credits via distance learning.


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