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Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP)

Why Should I Attend?


You’ll discover how to solve more tough patient cases, attract more patients, and get more referrals than you ever thought possible, while differentiating yourself from the masses. If you want to learn the techniques you need to rid your patients of pain once and for all and have them sending you floods of referrals, then you should attend this program.

While these seminars do teach some of the “textbook” information behind the process, the real
value is the “hands-on” approach that will teach you how to efficiently implement these methods into your care the next day . . . and with little more than your hands, you can get started without a huge investment.

Think about this: What would your practice look like if you …

• can treat all subluxations the body can experience, and not just ones connected to the spine
• no longer have to refer patients out to other D.C.s who specialize in extremity adjustment
• eliminate the guilt of not being able to treat all challenging cases
• have new, marketable skills to bring more patients into your practice
• are part of a community of practitioners who work together to share research and techniques to help you solve your toughest patient cases so you can attract and keep more patients

I'm sure you know how difficult it is to find CEUs that (1) don’t require long travel, (2) don’t
cost you a couple extremities, (3) teach practical, hand-on techniques that you can implement on Monday, (4) show you how to implement new, marketable skills with no more than your hands, (5) provide you with a ROI potential from new patients and referrals, and (6) show you how to treat your most challenging cases.

Most CEUs cost you money. CCEP certification is an investment that pays you back many times
over in your practice. For more information about certification and the Council on Extremity
Adjusting please visit http://www.councilonextremityadjusting.com.

Getting Certified
Doctors are welcome to sit any section of the program for their continuing education hours
without sitting for an examination. Being an expert in extremity adjusting may not be for
everyone, but being knowledgeable about extremities can enhance all doctors’ understanding of how easily spinal problems can be a result of poorly functioning extremities.

All classes are concluded with a written examination on that material. Attendance at all seven
sessions and overall average score of seventy-five percent (75%) through the seven classes will qualify you to sit for the final practical exam.

You must be a graduate chiropractor with a diploma during your last class to qualify for the
practical exam. All classes must be taken within a 5-year time span to qualify for the practical exam. An additional fee is required to sit for the practical examination, which includes your
first year of CCEP membership. Visit visit http://www.councilonextremityadjusting.com. for more

Program Information

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Sat, 8am-6pm
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