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Eastern Perspectives and Techniques

Program Description
Location On campus


2:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Dates May 7 - Aug. 6, 2018
CE Hours




Instructor Greta Hysjulien Jeffrey, LA.c.

Call 952-885-5446

Eastern perspectives and techniques will allow students to obtain a solid foundation on the explanation of Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and the appropriate use of three basic modalities.

This foundations should result in implementing theories and modalities into massage. Activities will display student abilities to assess patients and provide appropriate treatment strategy utilizing proper TCM theory and modalities.

Assessment strategies for implementing modalities into massage treatment are covered and demonstrated in written tests and lab assignments.

Required Texts and Materials

Live Well Live Long, Teachings from the Chinese Nourishment of Life Tradition Author: Peter Deadman ISBN-13: 978-0955909641 ISBN-10: 0955909643

Finding Effective Acupuncture Points Author: Shudo Denmei ISBN-13: 978-0939616404 ISBN-10: 0939616408

Recommended Text:

The Tao of Healthy Eating Author: Bob Flaws

Clothing Requirements:

Many techniques take place over the participants clothing, you must be able to change into suitable clothing for location points on the arms, legs, shoulders, back and abdomen. Shorts and sleeveless shirts will be adequate. You will need to bring an examination gown to each class. You are expected to be changed into appropriate attire at the beginning of the class time.



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