NWHSU logo Breaking Free From Pain: How to Use Hypnotic Language to Help Your Patients Heal
Program Details

Sept. 30, 2017

6 CE hours

Sat, 8am-2pm


Roberta Fernandez, BCH, CI, CPHI

Board Cerified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor, Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor

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When a patient is in pain, stressed, fearful or otherwise emotional, they are in a light state of trance and are highly suggestible. The words you speak can cause harm or help them heal. Your words can be a powerful force in changing their attitude, mood and behavior.

Learn useable tools and language skills to gain compliance and help your patient learn to manage their pain and stress. We will be demonstrating and practicing techniques throughout the class so you can be confident in applying them with your patients.


  • Understand the seriousness of the opioid epidemic and why hypnosis and hypnotic language are viable options
  • Explore the science of trance
  • Effectively use language to change attitude, responses and behavior
  • Learn NLP and hypnotic techniques in your day to day routine


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About the Instructor

Roberta Fernandez is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor and President of the FARE Hypnosis Center in Eden Prairie, MN.

She is her own 'walking' testimonial, having used hypnosis to successfully manage her  severe knee pain pre-surgery, and after her bilateral knee replacement (both knees at the a same time). She used only hypnosis to manage her pain, not drugs. She is currently using hypnosis for weight loss and shed 40 pounds last year.

She is certified:
• by the National Guild of Hypnotists as a Board Certified Hypnotist
• by the National Guild of Hypnotists as a Certified Instructor
• by the National Guild of Hypnotists in their Complementary Medical Certification
• as a Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor (CPHI) by the Banyan Hypnosis Center in Texas
• as a 5-Path Consulting Hypnotist by the Banyan Hypnosis Center in Texas
• in Pain Management from the American School of Clinical Hypnosis, International
• as an NLP Master Practitioner by the Minnesota Institute of Advanced Communication Skills
• as a Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery Specialist, by Anthony F. DeMarco, Ph.D
• by the NGH in Pain management
• by The Mottin and Johnson Institute of Hypnosis in Pediatric hypnosis

Roberta is on the faculty of the NGH, teaching continuing education courses at their yearly convention. She is the author of the book Breaking Free from Pain and Opioids: Discovering the Hypnosis Option, and is host of the weekly Twin Cities radio show Minding Your Health, on AM950.

She has 30 years experience in education, training, sustainability, and finance, working across public and private sectors. Past clients include Kemps, Pentair, Sam’s Club, Starwood VO, JP Morgan Chase, the MPCA and DNR, and many government and educational institutions.

Having used hypnosis successfully in so many ways for herself, she feels compelled to help
others become more positive, productive and purposeful in achieving their life goals.




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