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Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture™ Certification Program - The Wakefield Technique™

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Level II Mind: The Alchemical Level

Address the mind and psycho-emotional issues to encourage the transformation of unhealthy belief systems. It should be noted that this transformation is not limited to the patient, but in keeping with the Eastern and Western alchemical traditions, the practitioner, as alchemist, likewise partakes of this evolutionary process.  Intention and clarity are paramount when you view mind/body issues such as the unnatural replication of cells as in cancer, genetic programming and “old tapes.”

New facial acupuncture protocols are introduced, emphasizing the transformational aspects of Chinese medicine and the ancient roots of Taoist philosophy.

Module 5, The Alchemy of Healthy Aging: “Sparking the Shen”
April 26-28, 2019

Focus on the kindling of spirit fire, or Shen, and view the face as being a key part of the alchemical process.  Learn to synergize Eastern and Western alchemical traditions, with the introduction of essential oils for the Eight Extraordinary meridians.  A new alchemical facial acu-muscle protocol that emphasizes intention and an awareness of cellular memory will be utilized in combination with more advanced Chinese physiognomy, focusing on the 13 Taoist positions of the central corridor of the face.  Also learn how to incorporate Qi Gong exercises into your practice.

  • The face as a key to alchemical transformation
  • Western alchemy: “As without, so within”
  • Eastern alchemy: “The body is a vessel”
  • Stages of inner alchemy
  • Chinese physiognomy:
    • Timescapes: Woman and Man
    • Central corridor: the 13 Taoist positions
  • The embryological order of the Eight Extraordinary meridians
  • The alchemical Eight Extraordinary meridians; beyond pathology
    • Reservoir of Qi function
    • The Bagua and its relationship to Qi (Early and Late Heaven Bagua)
    • Essential oil Materia Medica for master and coupling points
  • Benefits and contraindications for Alchemical Facial Acupuncture Renewal™
  • The 3 Treasures: Taoist Path – Treatment Introduction
  • General rules for Alchemical Facial Acupuncture Renewal™:
    • Reflecting the 3 Treasures
    • Cellular memory
  • New!!An alchemical facial acupuncture protocol, needling diagrams and charts
  • Alchemical Facial Renewal™ and constitutional treatment points from the physical and psychospiritual perspective
  • Exercises:
    • Qi Gong: the 6 healing sounds
  • Homework:
    • Documented daily practice of the 6 healing sounds

Module 6, The Alchemy of Healthy Aging: “Transforming the Shen”
May 3-5, 2019

Transforming the Shen of both you, the practitioner, and the patient. Learn how to use essential oils on transformational spirit points, such as the 13 Ghost (Gui) points, 12 Spirit points, and the 3 Shens.  Be introduced to “rarely used” neck and facial points, an alchemical cultivation protocol, orally transmitted by a Taoist master, Qi Gong exercises, and microcosmic orbit breathing, among other treatments.

  • A definition of transformation
  • Transformational Spirit points
    • Gui; Ghost points
    • An Ode on Needling the Ghost Points – Sun Si Miao
    • The Number 13
  • The 12 Spirit points
    • Introduction: “alchemy in action”
    • Indications and essential oil Materia Medica for the 12 Spirit points
  • The Windows of the Sky points
  • “Mu-Shu” Tango; using Kidney spirit points
  • The Ba liao: the 8 sacred seams
  • “Lacing the 3 Jiaos”; an alchemical cultivation of the 3 elixir fields
  • An Immortality Treatment: “liberating spirit from matter”
  • The 3 Shens: scalp points for transforming the Shen; essential oil usage
  • Additional alchemical treatment points; rarely used face and neck points
  • Alchemical initiation: planetary ladder of ascent
  • Exercises:
    • Microcosmic orbit breathing techniques and meditation
  • Homework:
    • 2 case studies integrating the information and skills from modules 5 and 6



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