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New!! Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: the New Protocols

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New!!  Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: The New Protocols
presented in her book, recently published by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone UK

Featuring Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, LAc, Dipl Ac., MS, MM

The face is our calling card, and the most emotive part of the body.  Learn facial acupuncture protocols utilizing the origins and insertions of the facial muscles, and see how imbalances in these muscles relate to emotional expression, as well as lines, wrinkles and sagging tendencies.

Apply 3 levels of constitutional treatment, based upon the Jing, Ying and Wei levels, to support this facial protocol - the Eight Extraordinary meridians, 12 Regular meridians and 5 Elements, the Tendinomuscular meridians, plus new psychospiritual points, enhanced with essential oils.  There will also be a new, special, protocol, not included in the book.

A complete topical Chinese herbal treatment, with natural soothing botanicals and jade rollers, will be introduced, as well as new protocols not in the book!

In this new certification series, you will learn:

  • How to treat 12 problematic areas of the facial landscape with gentle origin/insertion muscle techniques;

  • 3 levels of constitutional treatment:

  • The Jing: the Eight Extraordinary meridians, and how they affect the endocrine system.

    • Unique!!  How each stage of every Eight Extraordinary meridian pathway relates to a TCM pattern, a syndrome, a specific emotion and type of facial imbalance

  • The Ying: the 12 Regular meridians are integrated with the Five Phases and their complementary yin and yang pairs

    • Syndromes are addressed through Japanese, Vietnamese, TCM, and Ms. Wakefield’s original protocols to treat adrenal exhaustion, insomnia, fibromyalgia, etc.

  • The Wei: the Tendinomuscular meridians

    • trigger, motor and “ashi” points to treat “Coat Hanger” and “Wandering Skirt” syndromes, etc.

  • Psychospiritual treatments: the 3 Shen scalp treatments, integrated with essential oils, plus a new psychospiritual treatment, not in the book

  • Practical specifics: benefits and contraindications for facial, constitutional and psychospiritual treatment, plus general rules, treatment timelines, maintenance treatments, short and long-term effects,etc.

  • Herbal treatments: a step-by-step guide, integrating needling protocols with topical Chinese herbs, masks, poultices, natural creams and cleansers, essential oils, jade rollers and gem discs, etc.

  • Practical wisdom: insights drawn from Ms. Wakefield’s 30+ years of experiences

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Mary Elizabeth Wakefield is a licensed acupuncturist, Zen shiatsu and cranio-sacral therapist, opera singer, and the author of the new book, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture.  She is internationally acknowledged as the leading authority in facial acupuncture, and has contributed significantly to globally raising awareness of facial acupuncture as a valuable and effective modality in Chinese medicine.

She has created over 20 different seminars that include innovative treatment protocols that emphasaize a constitutional treatment approach.  She has appeared regularly at leading acupuncture symposia in North and abroad, and, in 2014, will be a featured presenter at the Southwest Symposium in Austin, TX, , the Pacific Symposium in San Diego, CA, the TCM-Kongress in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, GERMANY, and, for the first time, the Scandinavian TCM Congress in Slettestrand, DENMARK.

In addition to a busy teaching schedule in the United States, Ms. Wakefield continues to expand her global reach as an educator with certification series offerings in Melbourne, VIC, Brisbane, QLD and Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA, Auckland and Wellington, NEW ZEALAND, Vancouver, BC, Calgary, AB, and Montreal, QC, CANADA, London, UNITED KINGDOM, Amsterdam and Amersfoort, NETHERLANDS, Tokyo, JAPAN, Zurich, SWITZERLAND, Bogota, COLOMBIA, Thessaloniki, GREECE and Bali, INDONESIA.

She has 30+ years of clinical professional experience as a healing practitioner, and has personally trained close to 4,500 healthcare practitioners from 5 continents in her protocols.  In 2012, she instituted a unique 2-year professional certification training for facial acupuncturists at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN, the International GOLD STANDARD FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE® Certification Program, the only one of its kind in the world today.  A second GOLD STANDARD® Program is scheduled for 2015-2016.

She has contributed articles on a variety of subjects to international acupuncture journals, and her practice and treatment protocols have been highlighted in newspapers, such as the New York Times and the Associated Press.  She has been interviewed on TV on numerous occasions and likewise been featured in spa and health magazines.


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