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Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture™ Certification Program - The Wakefield Technique™

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Level III Spirit: The Vibrational Level

Learn to address the spirit via the use of sound.  As both professional classical musicians and an acupuncturist/sound healer, we have found that sound is very direct and immediately impacts the patient and the practitioner.  At this level we are no longer “doing” the treatment; rather, we are “being” the treatment.  This is why the grounding of Part 1, the Somatic level, and the transformational qualities of the Alchemical level are integral and essential pre-requisites for this Vibrational level. 

Sound provides instantaneous healing; it is both gentle and powerful, especially when coupled with acupuncture needling.  This combination stimulates a “vibro-electric” effect, which activates a heightened spiritual consciousness that can connect us to our hearts and unconditional compassion.

Module 7, The Resonant Face
Oct. 4-6, 2019

The Resonant Face™ introduces you to concepts of sound and resonance, and instruction in the use of Earth, Moon and Sun tuning forks.  Learn special acu-sound techniques for integrating the tuning forks and acupuncture needles, a special acu-sound Resonant Face protocol and the treatment of facial syndromes, acu-sound aruicular therapy poinjts, and protocols for harmonizing the 3 Treasures (Jing, Qi and Shen), among others.

  • Introduction:  What do we mean by the “resonant” face??
    • An overview of sound, resonance and tuning forks
    • The resonance of intention and memory
    • The Earth, Moon and Sun
      • Myths
      • Archetypal qualities
      • The sacrad intervals
  • The Third Ear
    • Hearing vs. sight
    • Why sound is effective for healing
  • Contraindications and benefits for acu-sound treatments
  • Practical basics: tuning fork practicum
    • How to hold, activate and use tuning forks on the body
    • Self-practice
  • Specialized acu-sound techniques:
    • Ground protocol with Ohm Earth forks or 3 Treasures gem tips
    • The Eight Extraoridinary meridians and 5 Element Planetary Essential Oil protocol.
  • Specific harmonic combinations for facial syndromes
  • Auricular sound therapy: balancing the corpus callosum
  • Acu-sound Sacred Mudra meditation: balancing the 3 Jiaos
  • An integrated treatment protocol for the Resonant Face

Module 8, The Transcendent Face™
Oct. 11-13, 2019

The Transcendent Face™ introduces sacrad geometry and tuning forks based upon based upon the 5 Element correspondences found in the Nei Jing, with their associated frequencies, intervals, archetypal qualities and applications. Learn to further integrate the use of these 5 Element planetary tuning forks (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) with acupuncture needling.  Understand the usage and efficacy of 5 Element planetary gem elixirs to treat the Eight Extraordinary meridians, as well as a Japanese hara treatment, and a unique Transcendent Face protocol. See why these protocols are highly effective, and establish a vibrational and transcendent relationship with your patient's body.

  • Introduction: A Definition of Transcendence
  • Sacred geometry: divine harmony, patterns and proportion
  • Planetary myth and symbolism
    • The 5 Element planets of Chinese medicine: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
  • The Art of Musical Intervals
    • 5 Element Planetary combinations, intervals, functions and frequencies
    • 5 Element planets: physiology, anatomy and pathology
  • Integrating planetary tuning forks with needles
    • "de Qi" vs. "the vibe"
  • The Eight Extraordinary meridians: Acu-sound 5 Element Plantary treatment protocols
  • Introduction: 5 Element Plantary Gem Elixirs
  • Treatment protocols: Micro gem tips and gemstones
  • Acu-sound 5 Element hara palpation and treatment
    • the vibrational hara
  • The Transcendent Face: vibrational facial protocol
  • Horary points and the biological clock
  • Sacred geometry: 5 Element horary points and constitutional treatment points
  • The QuintEssentials 5 Element Star Treatmen initiation
  • Front and back grounding protocols
    • The Star
    • The Human tuning fork
  • Topical Chinese herbal treatment protocols

Please note: at the end of these 2 final modules a "living" test will be administered to all the participants. Plan to stay for the duration of the final days of the program; do not leave until the next day. There will also be a celebratory dinner afterwards.

Completion of Certification Requirements and Award of Gold Standard™ Status

After all your completed case studies and homework have been approved by the Instructor, and you have successfully passed the final examination, you will have achieved your certification in Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture™.

Upon completion you will also receive:

  • 192 hours of Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture® training;
  • Gold Standard membership, which includes ongoing support (via email, phone, Skype, etc.) for case studies, treatment questions, research and facial acupuncture practice management advice;
  • Listing in an Internet-based International Referrals database and discounts on continuing education courses sponsored by Chi-Akra Center;
  • Exclusive rights to use the Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture™ name and title in your advertising, and in your private practice
  • Gold Standard marketing materials; brochures, etc.
  • Bi-annual Gold Standard newsletter
  • Assisting at future Constitutional Facial Acupuncture and other seminars worldwide
  • 10% of all Muse L'Herbal products (in perpetuity)



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