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Program Details

Oct. 7-8, 2017

16 NCBTMB approved CE hours*

Sat, 9am-6pm, Sun, 9am-6pm

$295 Practitioners

$195 T2+ Students

Call 952-885-5446

*Beyond Trigger Point Seminars is approved NCBTMB provider #450909-09.

To register call 952-885-5446 or mail registration form and payment


Follow-Up Enrichment & Integration Program

  • 2 Days On-Site Intensive Workshop
  • 6 Weeks of Follow-Up & Enrichment

Tired of workshop overload? Do you routinely forget most of what you learn on a course?

Cathy Cohen's innovative workshop structure makes it easy to retain ALL of the tips, knowledge and protocols!

Participants receive access to Cathy's paced, comprehensive Multi-Media Follow-Up Support for the Low Back/Hip Unit:

  • Audio & Video Refresher Series
  • Enrichment Materials
  • Client Handouts

Thoroughly and easily integrate skills you gain in the workshop into your personal practice.
Included at no extra charge in your registration fee.


Experience Cathy Cohen's teaching style by downloading her free mp3 audio lesson, "The Challenges of Treating Clients with Muscular Pain."

Get instant access to this 47-minute introduction and 8-page study guide at:BeyondTriggerPoints.com.


  • Sheets, face cradle cover and massage oil, cocoa or shea butter
  • Loose clothing to easily expose the body region being studied
  • A wrap or sweater
  • Short fingernails
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Tables will be provided

Beyond Trigger Point Seminars'
Low Back & Hip Unit with Cathy Cohen

Cathy Cohen

"Treat your clients with a faster, better approach to relieving low back or hip pain … and keep yourself balanced and healthy at the same time!"


October 7-8 2017: 16 CE NCBTMB Approved Hours

Doctors Travell and Simons' Proven Methodologies taught by Master Teacher Cathy Cohen, LMT, an approved CEU Educator (NCBTMB #450949-09) with 17 years of experience guiding and mentoring over 2,500 therapists in advanced Trigger Point Therapy protocols.

Upgrade your skill set & gain more confidence in treating clients with Myofascial Pain

  • Relieve myofascial pain faster and more efficiently
  • Relieve the excruciating pain of sciatica by treating these trigger points
  • Design treatment protocols for the 8 most commonly affected muscles causing low back & hip pain
  • Teach your clients these simple home correctives for lasting relief
  • Discover how to address hip height disparities

Master the 5-Step System to treat trigger points more easily

  • Assess these 2 commonly overlooked perpetuating factors of the gluteus medius
  • Master all the central and attachment trigger points(gluteus maximus, medius and minimus and quadratus lumborum)
  • Gain an effective trigger point treatment protocol for resolving Psoas/Piriformis dysfunctions
  • Practice 4 new neuromuscular massage routines for the low back

Gain new protocols to confidently relieve pain and dysfunction

  • Identify the most common low back muscle pain patterns
  • Easily restore a muscle's normal resting position with a super-efficient protocol for any muscle
  • Identify the activation and perpetuating factors for low back pain
  • Upgrade your structural evaluation skills
  • Gain new assessment tools for identifying sacroiliac dysfunction, postural inequalities, and Morton's foot


Special Feature Integrated in the Workshop:

Therapist Self-Care Protocols
How to stay healthy as you heal others

Woven into every phase of Cathy's workshops are best practices for correcting postural issues and maintaining practitioner wellness and comfort:

  • How to maintain good posture for minimum fatigue
  • Techniques to establish balanced body mechanics
  • Self-Care for your precious hands

Cathy provides detailed guidance in all these areas, along with helpful handouts and follow-up videos to reinforce your new knowledge and integrate it into your practice.


REGISTER NOW: Call 952-885-5446 Or download registration form here

Beyond Trigger Point Seminars' Low Back & Hip Unit is one of four units that prepare a therapist to sit for the National Board Examination of Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists. Those workshop participants who want to drill deeper into this field of study can complete an optional additional 4 CEU online audio companion program. (This is in addition to the free multimedia Follow-Up Enrichment & Integration Program that all Low Back & Hip Unit course participants can access.)

Visit BeyondTriggerPoints.com to enroll in this optional companion program.

About the Instructor

Cathy Cohen

Cathy Cohen is a nationally recognized Approved National CEU Educator and Board Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist who provides live and online body-therapy continuing education for massage therapists. She has practiced myofascial therapies since the 1980s and has been teaching for over 17 years. She knows how frustrated both clients and therapists can become when dealing with muscular pain. Fortunately her background as a Trigger Point Myotherapist has equipped her with the confidence and skills to assess and treat myofascial pain syndromes.

Cathy's deep insight into physical balance, structural alignment, and self-care comes through her own long experience in yoga and ballroom dance, as well as through her formal education. Cathy trained with Dr. Janet Travell, the leading pioneer in myofascial pain syndromes and President Kennedy's White House Physician, and with Nancy Shaw, David Simons and George Kousaleos (CORE Structural Integration).

In her practice and her teaching, Cathy specializes in resolving chronic musculoskeletal pain and structural alignment issues. Her leading-edge educational program, BeyondTriggerPoints.com, is a resource used by therapists and healthcare providers nationwide. Cathy has personally trained over 2,500 therapists in advanced Trigger Point Therapy protocols.

"I have taken all of the Beyond Trigger Points courses with Cathy Cohen. They have been the best tool I have ever learned for my practice. When people come in with different pains in parts of their body, to be able to really target where to work to get rid of their pain has just been a blessing in my practice. It has been very, very helpful! Cathy is an awesome teacher." Patti Reed, LMT More testimonials and endorsements


In 2015 Cathy co-created an innovative online video-coaching program, CarpalTunnelCoaching.com that has helped clients (including many massage and body work therapists!) to systematically resolve their carpal tunnel issues.

With her 30 years experience teaching and motivating patients and students in clinical, classroom and online settings, Cathy is deeply dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives, and to assisting therapist in caring for their own bodies as they treat others.




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