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Why choose a DVD Program?
You can satisfy 2/3 of your requirements to become a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Sit down at midnight - or 6 a.m. - in your living room, pop in a Sports Injuries DVD, and settle back in your easy chair. Break for dinner? Hit pause, then join your family for a home-cooked meal. (Try hitting pause on a live seminar.) You reduce your travel costs and will have a permanent library of DVD's that you can use as a resource as your sports injuries practice grows.

What about the other 1/3 of the requirements to become eligible for CCSP? That involves 40 hours of live sessions which are offered on campus at Northwestern. (See below for dates and times) - this program will be offered every Fall. The hands-on nature of these topics require each participant to take them live in the classroom.

Certification Exam: Sat, Nov. 7, 2015, check in 7:15 am, exam 8am-12:45pm
Please visit www.acbsp.com for more information about applying for the CCSP exam.

Audience: Doctors of chiropractic and T10 chiropractic students (students can earn 12 hours toward their CCSP eligibility before graduating)

DVD Prices: Full Program: $1900 (save $200!) or Per Session: $300


DVD Program Design
In order to apply to sit for the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physician's (ACBSP) CCSP exam you must complete a certificate program from an accredited college such as NWHSU. According to the ACBSP at least forty hours of the 100 hour program must be completed in live sessions (see hands-on program below).

To receive credit for each DVD session, purchase the DVD, watch them, and successfully complete the session exam. The exam is included with the DVD. Fax it to us 952-881-3028, email it to Sue Olson (solson@nwhealth.edu) or mail it back for grading. To pass you need to score 75%. Once you pass the exam you will be awarded 12 hours toward the Sports Injuries Certificate program for each DVD session. Its that easy!

Northwestern will consider transferring hours from other chiropractic colleges sports programs, as long as a majority of your hours are earned through us. Please contact us at 952-885-5446 to discuss your specific situation.


Sports Hands-on Program
When combined with our seven session sports injuries DVD series you will meet the eligibility requirements to apply to sit for the CCSP exam. Its only $699 for all three sessions -- a savings of $133 over the per session price! Click here for hands-on registration form.

Date Change - Session #1: Sept 26-27, 2015 (was Sept 19-20)
Emergency Procedures

Learn the specific emergency procedures encountered by chiropractors on the field. You will learn how to rapidly assess a injury situation, how to deal with airway and breathing problems, bleeding control and shock, soft tissue and extremity injuries. Learn how to manage head and spinal injuries and how to respond to heat emergencies. Ira Shapiro, DC, DACBSP, 12 hours; Sat: 1pm-7pm; Sun, 8am-2pm, $239; (dress comfortably)

Session #2: Oct 17-18, 2015
Athletic and Kinesiology Taping

Do you wish to broaden your abilities to manage acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries? During this 16 hour session you will have an opportunity to practice taping techniques from head to toe. By Sunday afternoon you will have expanded your clinical tool box and will be able to provide another beneficial service on Monday to your athletic and other high performance patients. Timothy Stark , DC, DACBSP, ICSSD, CSCS, CKTP; 16 hours; Sat: 9am-7pm; Sun 8am-2pm, $354 (includes taping supplies - bring your taping scissors and dress comfortably).

Session #3: Nov 7-8, 2015
Extremity Adjusting and Therapeutic Muscle Stretching
Discover the diagnostic and treatment strategies for treating athletes with extremity injuries. Hands-on demonstrations and practical exercises will be explored. Larry Kintner, DC, DACBSP,
12 hours; Sat: 1pm-7pm; Sun 8am-2pm, $239. (dress comfortably)


DVD Topics and Instructors
Notes are included with each session to aid in your studies. You will find them on Disk #1 of each session. Just put the DVD into your computer, pull up the file and print. A few sessions will come with additional paper handouts that are not included on the DVD. Each session is $300 (or buy the full program for $1900) and comes with an exam in paper form.

Session #1: Knee and Lower Extremity Injuries
Thomas Hyde, DC, DACBSP and Larry Kintner, DC, DACBSP

Session #2: Team Physiology and Common Athletic Spinal Conditions

Session #3: Exercise Physiology
Andrew Klein, DC, MS, DACBSP, CSCS

Session #4: Sports Rehabilitation
Richard A. Hills , DC , PT

Session #5: Special Considerations and Sports Radiology (incl. 6 X-ray)
Glori Hinck , DC , MS and Renee DeVries, DC, DACBR

Session #6: Upper Extremity Injuries
Kenneth R. Sheridan, DC, CCSP, CSCS

Session #7: Practical Application of Case Studies/CCSP Exam Review (incl. 3 X-ray)
Timothy W. Ray , DC , CCSP, ICSSD, DABCO and Jeff Rich, DC, DACBR


Refund and Cancellation Policy

Every effort is made to offer the hands-on program as announced. Northwestern reserves the right to adjust faculty and tuition to accommodate unanticipated needs or to cancel altogether. If any such adjustments do occur, participants will be notified immediately and given the option to cancel any orders already placed. DVD's may be returned within 90 days of purchase for a refund.

State Relicensure Credit

Northwestern has applied for continuing education credit in MN, SD, ND and IA and we are an approved sponsor in many other states. See http://www.nwhealth.edu/conted/ for details. Or please contact Sara George at 952-885-5446 if you have any questions or to request approvals in other states.  Some states do not allow you to earn licensure credits via distance learning.



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