Sharon Weizenbaum, L.Ac.

Sharon WeizenbaumSharon Weizenbaum has been practicing since 1983. She has lived in and traveled to mainland China and Taiwan many times, studying gynecology with Dr. Qiu XiaoMei, Dr. Zhu ShuRong, and classical formulas with Dr. Huang Huang, Dr. Fu YanLing, Dr. Feng ShiLun and Dr. Yu GuoJun.

She is director of White Pine Institute, which hosts many awesome teachers, as well as Sharon’s own Graduate Mentorship Program. She has been teaching Chinese herbs since 1990, and translates and publishes Chinese medical material from Chinese to English.

She lives with her family on her permaculture farm in rural Massachusetts, enjoying gardens, goats, sheep, horses, ducks, and chickens.


Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine Part 1 and 2 (4 PDA points)
What does it mean to practice Chinese herbal medicine? More importantly, what are the benefits of practicing with this perspective? The classic texts, The Neijing (The Inner Classic) and the Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Damage from Cold), represent the root texts of our tradition. They are written from a mindset that is very different than our modern one, to the point that they are almost written in code. For many, these texts are quite inaccessible. When you shift your mind and point of view, however, the texts reveal themselves to you in all their profound importance. In this course, we will learn to make this shift so that the classic formulas of the Shang Han Lun become relevant and clear to us. Weizenbaum will demonstrate through cases from her own practice how effective this perspective is for serious illnesses.