Stefanie Beniek, L.Ac., M.Om., FABORM

Stefanie Beniek is a licensed acupuncturist, educator, and founder of Family Tree Acupuncture in Minneapolis. She practices traditional Chinese medicine with a focus in reproductive and obstetric health, particularly male and female fertility, IUI/IVF support, pregnancy and postnatal care. She was instrumental in expanding the integrative medicine department at Allina Health which helped bring acupuncture into labor & delivery and postpartum units at Mercy Hospital.

Over the past decade, Beniek has attended over 800 births in homes, hospitals and birth centers. She has taught locally as well as internationally, from the American Association of Birth Centers Conference in Minneapolis to the Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver.

Beniek attended Northwestern Health Science University and obtained board certification in acupuncture and Oriental medicine (Dipl.OM) in 2009. She is a Fellow with the American Board of Oriental Medicine (ABORM) and is a registered senior member of the Obstetrical Acupuncture Association (OBAA).


Obstetric Acupuncture: Prenatal Treatment and Support (2 PDA points)
Acupuncture can have a significant and positive impact on a person’s pregnancy and postpartum healing. Drawing on ten years of experience treating thousands of pregnant patients in hospitals and private practice, this course is for licensed acupuncturists who want to learn how to treat and support patients throughout pregnancy. Attendees will learn specific prenatal acupuncture, supplements, and Chinese herbal formulas for common conditions in pregnancy. This course will also discuss how to best support patients in their last month of pregnancy, what to do for those seeking “acupuncture induction,” and legal considerations around obstetric acupuncture care. This interesting and practical course can become a useful part of any acupuncturist’s practice.