Homecoming 2022: Jeremy Barthels

I’m Jeremy Barthels, and since the Fall Term of 2020, I have been a faculty member in the Basic Sciences department within the College of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health SciencesUniversity (NWHSU).

Unfortunately, my ability to practice within the chiropractic profession ended prematurely in 2011 after six years of clinical practice due to neuromuscular issues stemming from long-term complications of childhood cancer.

Before joining the BasicSciences faculty at NWHSU, I worked for Rasmussen University (former Rasmussen College) for nearly 13 years. I started teaching in the HealthSciences department and eventually become a Department Chair and even worked as interim Department Dean for Rasmussen.

While employed Rasmussen, I was able to gain tremendous higher education experience in diverse areas. As a faculty member, I developed classroom instruction and management skills, curriculum development knowledge by being a subject matter expert (SME)for over 15-course redevelopments, and experience with integrating technology into courses. As a Department Chair and Department Dean at Rasmussen, I developed higher education management skills; including, faculty training/management, student retention, course pass rates, resolving student concerns and complaints, project management, curriculum/programmatic assessment and data collection, and implemented processes and curriculum changes to increase diversity awareness and inclusion within the health sciences curriculum.

I also have a Masters’s degree in negotiation and conflict resolution, which has further improved my ability to manage conflict and have it become a productive process that harnesses growth, innovation, and confidence.


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3 | 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Starts with Chiropractors
Jeremy Barthels, D.C.