Homecoming 2024: Satya Sardonicus, DC, CACCP

Satya SardonicusDr. Satya Sardonicus is a strategic healing consultant and founder of Fascial Flow Method, a groundbreaking approach to unwind body tension and become more resilient to life’s unavoidable stressors. Dr. Satya brings a unique perspective of the healing process; her deeply personal experience with trauma and chronic illness inspired her to innovate treatment strategies that accelerate healing by activating the body’s self-healing function. A second-generation chiropractor in a family full of holistic providers, Dr. Sardonicus is actively informed by a passion for neuroscience, biotensegrity + fascia, and a vitalistic philosophy. Her multidisciplinary framework to facilitate therapeutic change, NeuroFascial Integration, is a “unified field theory for healing” to provide sustainable, transformative, trauma-informed care that is easier and more effective for both provider and patient. 


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2 | 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
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