Kim Sklebar, DNP

Ms. Sklebar has 32 years of healthcare experience. She graduated from St. Luke’s School of Nursing in 1986, earned her master’s in nursing in 2012 with an emphasis in Leadership and Management, and most recently earned her Doctorate in Nursing Practice in Executive Leadership.

Her career started in 1986 at Sanford Health System as a Critical Care Staff Nurse, later moving into a leadership role. In 2012, she functioned as the Cardiovascular and Orthopedic Operations Manager at Essentia Health. She migrated to the Fargo VA Health Care system in 2013 in the position of the Nurse Manager for Specialty Medicine. Her current role is the Associate Chief of Nursing Services of Operations. Whole Health is one of the teams she leads with the goal to provide world-class care to our nation’s heroes.


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH  | 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Whole Health: America’s Future of Integrated Healthcare
Michael Mortenson, DC
Kim Sklebar, DNP
Danielle Olauson, BAN, RN, HNB-BC

Whole Health, a new initiative in VA hospitals nationwide, is being touted as “America’s Future of Integrated Healthcare.” The VA is a leader in the advancement of integrated care, offering chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, yoga, Tai Chi, mindfulness, and health coaching.

The VA’s Whole Health model can be implemented in any clinic. Learn how chiropractic care is being integrated into the model, as well as the importance of Whole Health for our military and our veterans that have served so bravely.