Patricia Casello-Maddox, D.C., Lac

Dr. Pat Casello-Maddox is a chiropractor, licensed acupuncturist, educator and writer. She has worked with patients in various clinical environments including hospitals, transitional centers, community centers and private practice for over 25 years. She has observed that sleep disorders were one of the most common presenting diseases treated in her clinical care for patients.

She now works as an Associate Provost at Northwestern Health Sciences University. Her passion is to mentor the next generation of health care leaders and provide visibility of safe, accessible options for health care products and services.

Dr. Casello-Maddox is a member of the Minnesota Acupuncture Association, NWHSU Alumni Association, Minnesota Sleep Society and American Sleep Medicine Association. She speaks and writes about alternative health and sleep disorders.


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH | 10:30 pm – 12:30 pm
Acupuncture and Sleep Medicine – Interprofessional Case Studies and Treatment (2 ACU)
Patricia Casello-Maddox, D.C., Lac