Jason Erickson, BCTMB, BBA, B.A., A.A.

Jason Erickson, BCTMB, BBA, B.A., A.A., co-owns and practices massage at Eagan Massage Center. He is best known for therapeutic and sports massage, with a reputation for providing pain relief, improving function, and enabling athletic performance. Many of his clients are referred by medical providers, personal trainers, and by other massage therapists. He is able to work with clothed clients as needed, using various techniques from massage, positional release, stretching, etc.

He received his certificate of Massage Therapy from Northwestern Health Sciences University, and his B.B.A. in Marketing and B.A. in Economics from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. An internationally recognized continuing education provider, Erickson teaches classes in pain science, pain management, dermoneuromodulation, therapeutic movement, orthopedic massage, sports massage, research literacy, and other topics.

He has presented at the 2016 International Massage Therapy Research Conference and the 2017 Alliance for Massage Therapy Education Congress. Erickson served as the Minnesota Chapter President (2014-2016) for the American Massage Therapy Association. He was Master of Ceremonies for the annual San Diego Pain Summit (2015-2018). His articles have appeared in Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Massage New Zealand Magazine, the Japanese Journal of Acupuncture and Manual Therapies, Massage Today, Massage Magazine, and other publications.


Introduction to Clinical Applications of Pain Science
People may have pain for many different reasons, and current pain science advocates a whole-person approach to assessment and treatment. Learn key concepts in pain science and how to apply them in practice, regardless of the setting in which you work. This includes practice of hands-on applications and discussion of dermoneuromodulation in all forms of manual therapy.

Pain science is a multidisciplinary field of study, and the treatment of pain raises some interdisciplinary and ethical issues that massage therapists increasingly need to understand. This workshop covers concepts and methods appropriate for all forms of manual therapists, and emphasizes language and techniques used by massage therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, and other health care professionals.

CBD Relative to the Practice of Massage Therapy (Panel Discussion: Moderated by Michele Maiers. Includes Jason Erickson and Mary Tuchscherer.)
A panel of therapeutic massage experts will discuss the pros and cons of using CBD products. We will explore the ethical considerations and scientific proof (or lack of) for the efficacy of these products. Attendees will gain a more nuanced understanding of CBD and whether it has a place in the practice of massage therapy.