Rachel Niewind, BCTMB, B.S., B.A., CNHP, Doula

Rachel NiewindRachel Niewind (nee Brehmer), BCTMB, B.S., B.A., CNHP, Doula, earned her massage therapy certificate from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2005. In 2007, she received the alumnus achievement award for hospital-based pilot program in massage at Abbott Northwestern Hospital-MSP. She began teaching at NWHSU last summer.

Niewind has owned her private massage therapy practice, Hands of Life, since 2008. She has a diverse, expansive, and medically-complex practice that services a large portion of the northern region of Minnesota. She focuses on everyone from pregnant women as a doula to death transitions in hospice—and everyone in between.

She studied CBD and its properties in Oregon with scientists and farmers, and researched cancer, CBD and medical practices for Oxfam research when she studied in the U.K. in 2012.

Niewind serves on the Board of Society for Oncology Massage.


CBD Relative to the Practice of Massage Therapy (Panel Discussion: Moderated by Michele Maiers. Includes Jason Erickson and Mary Tuchscherer.)
A panel of therapeutic massage experts will discuss the pros and cons of using CBD products.  We will explore the ethical considerations and scientific proof (or lack of) for the efficacy of these products. Attendees will gain a more nuanced understanding of CBD and whether it has a place in the practice of massage therapy.