MT Symposium 2023: Joseph Muscolino

joseph muscolino massage therapy symposiumDr. Joe Muscolino developed Learn Muscles with the mission of providing a unique curriculum for manual therapists and movement professionals, sharing his three decades of knowledge and insight. Offering both practitioners and students training in what he wishes had been available during his early years- the integration of fundamental anatomy and physiology with critical thinking skills.

Dr. Joe designs his coursework to empower therapists by strengthening their assessment and treatment capabilities.

He is a global lecturer, author of more than 90 articles, and has had multiple textbooks published by Elsevier and LWW that are used for both core curriculum and clinical practice references.

What therapists and educators say about Dr. Joe:

  • “Inspiring and passionate presentation”
  • “Integrates fundamental anatomy with manual therapy, empowering the students”
  • “Easy to follow, thorough, yet simple to understand”


Keynote: Critical Thinking Skills Empowers us for Creative Application of Hands-On Techniques

Dr. Joe Muscolino will discuss how understanding fundamental principles of structure and function empowers us to creatively apply our hands-on assessment and treatment skills.

  1. Understand how to critically think to apply fundamental anatomy to clinical orthopedic manual therapy
  2. Be able to give at least two examples of how critical thinking can allow for an understanding (instead of a memorization) of muscle actions, palpation assessment, and stretching techniques.
  3. Be able to state how knowing anatomy allows us to be able to figure out physiology, pathophysiology, assessment, and treatment skillsets.

Workshop Part 1 Application of Critical Thinking for Hands-on Assessment Techniques

In this hands-on workshop, Dr. Joe Muscolino builds on the principles of his keynote presentation to application of how to creatively figure out how to perform palpation and orthopedic assessment skills.