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Our statement of diversity and inclusion

The Northwestern community acknowledges the dignity of all human beings and resolves to treat all people with respect and equality. We recognize and value the diversity of identities among us. Some of these identities include but are not limited to: culture, race, ethnicity, nationality, age, ideology, socioeconomic status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, religion, spirituality, and family. We welcome everyone to our University.

Our community

Northwestern is a unified university community dedicated to a providing a quality health care education to our students and health care to our patients. Our ultimate goals of respect, wellness, dignity and happiness for everyone make us unique in how we serve. These goals are accomplished through academic, co-curricular and clinical education.

As a community, we:

  • Are committed to honoring and teaching about the cultural traditions, beliefs, values and behaviors for general contexts and health care settings
  • We offer in-class and clinical opportunities to learn health care cultural competency
  • We provide diversity scholarships to encourage an active commitment to diversity, inclusion, social justice and equity while studying at Northwestern
  • We endow our student voice with the ability to make change happen on our small, close-knit campus
  • We provide on-campus, off-campus and international integrative clinical experiences
  • We bring people together, embrace similarity and difference, and celebrate our courage in our convictions

We have pride in what we do. Our focus on integrating health care modalities and providing a multicultural and multidisciplinary health care education shows that we go above and beyond what is required for a general health care education.

We value:

  • An integrative and culturally competent health care education experience
  • Access to health care and education for everyone
  • Local and global opportunities to serve
  • Change and growth through healthy debate
  • Helping, supporting, and empowering our community members
  • The commitment our volunteers and stakeholders have taken to support the diversity effort
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