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Employee Giving Logo 2016At Northwestern, we are filling a critical role in the health and vitality of our community - from providing care to our patients to preparing our students to be the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Your donation to one or more of these charitable funds makes this important work possible:

  • Campus enhancements
  • Student scholarships
  • Unrestricted fund

Campus enhancements

Your gift to the Campus Enhancement Project will accelerate the transformation of space at Northwestern.

While our current space is functional, we can enhance it to capture the power of our healing mission. As we move to the next level, we can create a space that instills a sense of pride for the students we educate, the patients we care for, the team members we work with and the alumni that come home.

With your help we can renovate the appearance to match the quality of our aspirations. Your donation will support enhancement projects such as:

  • A mural wrap in the foyer
  • Campus art to enhance the healing environment
  • Continued interior signage upgrades

Foyer mural

1940 - 2020 timeline and branding:

  • History of Northwestern, incorporating elements of the history of our modalities 
  • Doors wrapped in brand messaging

Student scholarships

You can help the best and brightest minds continue their education. Scholarships give high-achieving students the financial assistance they need to transform their dreams into reality.

Your gift will support $1,000 scholarships for Twin Cities area high school students who have an interest in a post secondary heath science education and current Northwestern students.

How your donation will be used:

  • $2000 raised = (1) $1000 High School Scholarship and (1) $1,000 Northwestern Scholarship
  • $4000 raised = (2) $1000 High School Scholarships and (2) $1,000 Northwestern Scholarships

Donations which do not reach the level of a $1,000 scholarship will be directed to the University’s General Scholarship Fund.

Unrestricted fund

You may also choose to donate to the unrestricted fund which is directed to the area of greatest need at Northwestern. 

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