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Payroll contribution

Employee Giving Logo 2016A payroll contribution is a quick and easy method to make a gift.  It allows you to spread your gift over 22 pay periods, making it easier to budget. (You can also make a one-time gift through a payroll deduction.)

Payroll contributions are:

  • Deducted from each paycheck for 22 pay periods, through the end of 2016 - deductions will start on the March 3, 2016 payroll and continue through the end of the year
  • Able to be changed or discontinued at any time - submit a written notice to Human Resources
  • Not legally binding - statements of intent are for budgetary purposes only
  • Tax deductible 

Year-to-year payroll contributions

To continue your current payroll contribution gift from year-to-year, you need to submit a payroll contribution form each year. For example, to continue your 2015 payroll contribution gift, you will need to submit a 2016 form.

Authorization for Payroll Deduction Giving

One-time gift with credit card

One-time gifts using a credit card are processed and distributed to the fund(s) you select. 

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Matching gift programs

If your spouse works for a company with a matching gift program, it is possible your contribution may be matched. Your spouse will need to check with human resources department at his/her company to determine eligibility and how to complete the matching gift form.

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