Bushway Scholarship Application for Incoming Students

The Bushway Scholarship is an annual scholarship of $500 that is renewable year after year.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

The Bushway Scholarship is intended for adult learners who are either returning to school, switching careers, or in transition. Adult learners are considered to be at least 24 years of age or older and a parent or sole supporter of another family member.

Applicants must also demonstrate financial need.

Incoming students to all programs offered at Northwestern Health Sciences University are eligible to apply.

Paper and emailed applications, and applications that are not sent through the electronic application will not be accepted. 

Submit an Application

Submit your scholarship application prior to the application deadline. Applying early is highly recommended.

NOTE: You must submit an Application for Admission first.

Fall 2020 Applicants:  Final application deadline of Friday, August 7th 11:59pm.

Winter 2021 Applicants:  Final application deadline of Friday, December 4th 11:59pm.

Applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee and notified by email at least two weeks prior to the start term.