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Scholarships are awarded annually during the winter trimester. To be eligible, you must be enrolled full time in the College of Chiropractic (Winter trimester) and meet other requirements. Amounts and availability of scholarships may vary.

Eligibility information

Scholarships reward the dedication, academic achievement and leadership qualities of our College of Chiropractic students. Award amounts vary from $250 - $5,000 and eligibility requirements must be met.

General eligibility requirements:

  • Enrolled in Winter 2018 as a continuing student T2-T10
  • Academic status must be in good standing - many scholarships require a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Have filed a 2017-2018 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - if you want to be considered for need-based scholarships

List of scholarships

Review the list of scholarships and anticipated award amounts

Application procedure

The Winter Scholarships Application is now available.

NOTE: The Sweere Academic Scholars Award is presented automatically based on GPA. There is no application procedure.

A completed application consists of the following:

1. A completed Winter Scholarships Application
2. A brief summary of your Service/Leadership involvement during the past trimester
3a. A statement of consideration (300-500 words) that describes the following:

  • Explain your personal vision and goals for your chosen profession.
  • What do you perceive as your future commitment to Northwestern Health Sciences University's progress and goals?
  • Discuss your vision of integrating your professional life into the greater community.

3b. Essay for the Standard Process® Scholarship - if you choose to apply for this $2,500 scholarship:

  • Why are you studying to become a Practitioner and how will Whole Food Nutrition help you be a catalyst for changing patients' lives?

3c. Essay for the Dr. Frank Sovinsky Memorial Scholarship - if you choose to apply for this $1,000 scholarship, answer the following essay question in 800 words or less:

  • Considering the principle of Expansion and Contraction from the book, define this principle and describe different feelings and emotions associated with each state.  Relate the principle of Expansion and Contraction to how a person reacts and/or accepts change in general, and how your relationship to change effects your ability to succeed either in an owner or associateship role within a chiropractic business. 

Note: All Dr. Frank Sovinsky Memorial Scholarship applicants will be required to read the book The E-Myth Chiropractor, co-authored by Dr. Frank Sovinsky.  Student must have Cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher.

4. A Faculty Recommendation Form

Application deadline

The Winter Scholarship Application (essays included) and Faculty Recommendation Form deadline is December 29th, 2017.

Award notification

Award recipients are notified by email in January 2018. 

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Upon receipt of a scholarship award, an adjustment may be made to your financial aid package to meet federal regulations and institutional policies.

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