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You can help Northwestern upgrade its auditorium

While it looks pretty good on the surface, we have a list of upgrade needs for this much-used space. Our auditorium is not only the largest classroom in the university, but it's also an important event space. And after 33 years of use, we are planning a much-needed renovation so we are able to provide a better experience for our students, visiting alumni and the public.

Your gift will be matched

When you send your contribution, your gift will be matched by Dr. Edward Sweere, a 1965 graduate of Northwestern and brother of Dr. Joe Sweere. His pledge of up to $100,000 is contingent on the generosity of his colleages, and others who support the mission and vision of Northwestern Health Sciences University.

What we will do with your gift

As you will see in this video, your generous gift will allow us to:

  • Install a new audiovisual system
  • Repair and repaint the concrete floor
  • Install a new rooftop HVAC system and ceiling fans inside the auditorium
  • Replace the existing seating and install a row of stand-up desks in the back of the room
  • Replace the existing carpeting
  • Repair and repaint the ceiling

The following giving levels will receive their name on the Hall of Honor, on the website and in the annual community report:

  • $100k
  • $50k
  • $25k
  • $10k
  • $5k
  • $2,500
  • $1000

The following levels will receive their name on the website and community report:

  • $100 - $999

Please watch the video and donate to support this very worthwhile update to our campus!

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