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kathy bloom

It's just natural to give back.

Dr. Kathy Bloom’s bubbly enthusiasm bursts through when talking about Northwestern and her profession. “I love chiropractic,” she beams, “and I love hearing about what’s going on with the University. I just think it’s important to support what you believe in.”

Kathy has built a successful chiropractic practice, and regularly gives back to the same University that helped her launch her career in natural health care. She re-invests in the profession she loves and values so much, and she knows that her donations to Northwestern are a good investment. “When you’re successful in what you’re doing, helping people and seeing what a difference it makes, it’s just natural to give back. I love that.”

She began giving to Northwestern during its campaign to build the De Rusha Clinical Education Center in 1994. “I really believed in funding that project because of its value to students.” She’s been donating to the University ever since.

Kathy has great confidence in Northwestern because of the history of its leadership. “The vision of every president has inspired me to continue to donate.” She not only gives financially but contributes her time as well, by participating in Northwestern’s Community Based Internship Program and serving on the College of Chiropractic Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Since graduating in 1984, Kathy has been loyal to Northwestern because of its mission and what it continues to accomplish.

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