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Dr. Leo Bronston

It’s important that the research continues.

Dr. Leo Bronston is a member of the President's Circle

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“One of the main reasons I support Northwestern is because of its commitment to research,” says Dr. Leo Bronston, who practices chiropractic in La Crosse, Wisconsin. “The research department you have has been one of the leaders in the profession looking at evidence-based care. That is extremely important when we’re looking at patient-centered care and performance-based health care. It’s important that the research continues.”

Being a consistent donor to Northwestern, Dr. Bronston feels the strong the need to give back to his profession. He encourages alumni who are enjoying the rewards of their practice to do the same. “Being able to deliver health care, and having been rewarded financially, in my opinion it’s the right thing to do to give back to the profession that has given you the opportunity to serve.”

Dr. Bronston glows about the University’s track record. “Northwestern has done a lot to improve public health by training excellent doctors in the field. We’re getting good clinicians from the University.”

He says donations to Northwestern make all the difference in its ability to progress and remain viable. “We can’t turn our back on the institution that helped us build our skills.”

Dr. Bronston says donors will know that they are making a difference with their gift by donating to an institution that shares their values about health care. “I’m very pleased with Northwestern’s mission and its vision of chiropractic.”

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