Preserving the Gift of Chiropractic

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Joseph Sweere

Chiropractic is a gift we must preserve for current and future generations.

Dr. Joseph Sweere is a member of the President's Circle

Make a Gift

Dr. Joseph Sweere supports Northwestern for lots of reasons, one of which is the focus on patient- centered care. “Northwestern takes a very assertive role in the movement toward integrated care and what we believe to be in the patient’s best interest.”

He also says supporting Northwestern has helped it lead the way developing continuing education programs for occupational health. Because most work-related disorders involve the neuromusculoskeletal system, he envisions “the significant role that chiropractic might play in occupational health, including the diagnosis, treatment and even more importantly - prevention.”

Dr. Sweere has practiced chiropractic for 50 years, the last 25 as a member of Northwestern’s faculty. He campaigns for others to follow him and financially support chiropractic and natural health care education. “Even small amounts can yield significant returns. It’s like an investment in your own present and future prosperity.”

Dr. Sweere talks about “the gift of chiropractic to humanity,” because he says it holds the solution to a lot of unnecessary suffering in the world. “It’s a gift that we as its stewards must preserve for current and future generations.”

Donating to Northwestern, he says, is an important way to preserve this gift.

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