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Postural restoration

Postural restoration involves an evaluation of your body alignment and muscle use combined with physical therapy treatment. The goal is to restore proper whole body movement patterns in order to maximum health and function.

Your physical therapist will create an individualized treatment program for you which may include manual therapy, muscle pattern retraining, exercise instruction, and pain relieving techniques.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction treatment

Our physical therapist offers this postural restoration-based treatment approach in collaboration with dental specialists in cranial-facial pain, orofacial pain, or Oral Systemic Balance.

Lymphedema treatments

Manual lymph drainage (MLD)

A gentle touch treatment to stimulate the lymphatic system and decrease edema (swelling caused by an accumulation of fluid). Additional benefits of MLD include relaxation, relief from discomfort, and enhancement of the immune system.  

Complete congestive therapy

An intensive program for the treatment of lymphadema which combines multiple treatment approaches - manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging, decongestive exercises, and instruction in self care.

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