International Call for Presenters - 2018 Health & Wellness Symposium

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Applications accepted until June 30, 2017

2018 Health and Wellness Symposium
Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine or Massage Therapy Track


Submit Your Proposal

Thank you for your interest in submitting a presentation proposal for our 2018 Health and Wellness Symposium. 

We are looking for a diverse group of engaging speakers for our annual event held on campus in Bloomington, MN. We attract between 350-425 practitioners from all over the United States.  The event includes meals, exhibitors and a celebration on Saturday night.  We offer two learning tracks (acupuncture/Chinese medicine or massage therapy) and include a few sessions that cater to both audiences.

Here are some tips for creating a dynamic proposal that will impress our planning team and attract attendees to the program.

  • Above all, know your audience.  Our attendees are licensed acupuncturists, Chinese medicine practitioners or massage therapists out working in the field.

  • Include takeaways.  Our attendees want to learn useful skills and concepts they can bring back to their practice right away. Please do not use your presentation as a “teaser” to a longer program or course you teach.

  • Use a clear, explanatory title.  Many attendees decide to attend the event based on the title of presentations alone.  10 to 15 words maximum – the shorter, the better.  Avoid being cutesy.

  • In your course description, be clear, concise and accurate about what you will cover in your presentation.  Provide the level of detail that you would like to see in a course description if you were going to attend the event.  Avoid sweeping generalities about the state of healthcare or any other broadly known concepts.

  • Make sure to mention the target audience – who specifically would benefit from attending your course in terms of level of expertise or type of practice.

  • Please complete and submit your application using the link above.

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