Specialty Sports and Performance Clinic

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Sport and performance clinical care

The HPC includes a specialty clinic for sport and performance clinical care for special populations and athletes.

This includes addressing:

  • Special populations with challenging health and functional limitations such as chronic pain, physical disabilities, movement disorders, and post-surgical conditions such as joint replacements
  • Addressing an athlete’s interests in prevention, intervention and rehabilitation

Referral resource

Our advanced rehabilitation services also serve as a resource via referral for local practitioners who may not have the resources to offer this level of rehabilitation to their patients.

NW Student Experience

  • Working in an integrative sports care clinic while providing athlete wellness services to our two professional teams (the MN Vixen and the MN Freeze)
  • Weekly sports care grand rounds for our interns from all programs (chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, etc...)
  • Sports internship opportunities in our Athlete Wellness Clinic and in our on-site high school clinic
  • Under supervision of our HPC fellows, our students provide sports care services to our two contracted high schools at all of their home athletic games; injury prevention, injury intervention and injury recommendations
  • The HPC provides over 1000 baseline concussion exams each year to a variety of athletic groups
  • The HPC provides hundreds of pre-participation examinations each year
  • Our sports interns, supervised by our HPC fellows work closely with our professional teams during their off and pre-season conditioning programs, during their in-season practices, and are on the sidelines during the season
  • HPC often has unique opportunities when we host high performance athletes from various Olympic Committees and other athletic organizations for functional and sports chiropractic examinations and integrated sports care interventions
  • HPC works closely with SEARCH to facilitate student-drive research interests
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