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Time sheets for non-exempt/hourly and exempt employees are available as Excel documents to provide ease of use. Contact the Payroll Coordinator with questions regarding time sheets.

Alteration, falsification, tampering with time records, or recording time on another employee’s time record/sheet may result in corrective action, up to and including termination of employment.

Non-exempt/hourly employees

Each non-exempt employee must complete his or her own time sheet based on actual hours worked. Overtime work must always be approved before it is performed.

Time sheets must be signed in ink by the employee verifying the accuracy of the information. Managers must approve and sign all time sheets before they are submitted to Payroll.

Sample time sheet with instructions:

Time sheet sample  
Time sheet instructions  

Exempt employees (professional/faculty PTO reports)

Exempt employees must report exceptions to their normal work schedule. All time away from work must be noted along with the reason.

Each exempt employee must sign the PTO report in ink and submit it to their manager for approval. Managers must approve and sign all PTO reports before submitting them to Payroll.


Employee has Monday off due to a holiday, takes Tuesday off as vacation (PTO) then leaves Thursday at noon due to illness.









8 H

8 P


4 S



Common Codes

S – PTO Sick
H – Holiday
L – Longevity Leave
B – Bereavement Leave
OAL – Other Approved Leave

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