Office 365 Migration

Northwestern Health Science University converted from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Office 365.  This change will allow users to access, store, sync, and share their email, calendar, contacts, documents, online conferencing, and instant messaging across multiple devices.  This Weekly Update & Action Items communication will be sent each week to keep you apprised of key project updates, action items that you need to take for the week to prepare for the conversion, and important upcoming dates and events.

GroupWise to Office365 Conversion Weekend is here!

Before You Go for the Weekend:
Shut Down (Power Off) Your Computer Please shut down your NWHSU computer and leave it completely powered off before you leave for the weekend.

How to shut down:

  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. Click the Shut down button.


Do not click the arrow button (>) and do not click “Restart”

Shut Down Instructions for Different Users Please see the below table for shut down instructions for different groups of users:

Desktop Users Shut down your computer and leave it powered off at the end of your last day on campus this week.
Laptop Users You may bring your laptop home over the weekend.  When you arrive back on campus next week, you will need to do a full shut down/power off and then power your laptop back on (this is different than a Restart).

Note: Please be sure to read the down time information regarding which applications will be inaccessible at different points over the weekend.

Working over the weekend on either Saturday or Sunday Email access will be disabled at 6:00 PM on Sunday, April 24, so please close Group Wise at that time.  When finished working, please power off your computer and do not power up again until on campus Monday.
Bloomington Clinic – Front Desk Please continue to use the front desk computers as normal through the end of day Friday and on Saturday.  Please power off all computers after the clinic closes on Saturday.
Bloomington Clinic – Exam Rooms This power off message does not apply to the exam rooms in either clinic as Office 365 will not be installed on any of these computers.


Conversion Content Reminder The following GroupWise email, calendar, and contact information will be automatically converted for current students, staff, and faculty:

  • Mailbox
  • Cabinet and folders
  • Sent items
  • Calendar appointments
  • Contacts (all contacts you have added – individuals and groups which are called “Contact Lists” in Outlook)

These items will not be converted:

  • GroupWise Trash, Junk, and Work In Progress folders
    • If there is any content in these folders you want to keep, move or copy them to a different location before the conversion.
    • GroupWise Notes and Tasks
      • If there is any content in these folders you want to keep, move or copy them to a different location before the conversion.
      • Gwava Retain (any emails that were removed from your GroupWise Mailbox or folders and sent to Gwava Retain before mid-July 2015 will remain accessible to you in the Gwava Retain website, but will not be converted to your Office 365 Outlook)



Downtime Starting on Sunday, April 24:
No Access to Email Starting 6:00 p.m. Sunday Access to GroupWise will be turned off at 6:00 p.m. Sunday, April 24 so the final conversion steps to Office 365 can be completed.

This means that you will no longer have any access to the GroupWise client application, GroupWise web browser, and no emails via the current mobility server starting at 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

Brief Downtime On Sunday, there will be a brief downtime for end users utilizing the Shortel Voice Mail notification delivery options of “Email Wave File” and “Email Notification”.



What to Expect on Monday, April 25:
Go to Office 365 Access Office 365 to get your email, calendar, and more by going to either: > Quick Links > Email –OR–

Log In to Office 365 Log in to Office 365 using the following credentials:

Username: Your email

Password: Your existing network password*

*Faculty/Staff: The password you use to log into your computer.

*Students: If you have not yet accessed the Centricity EHR system, your password is your Student ID; otherwise, use your existing password.

Mobile Access If you are interested in learning about the various ways to access Office 365 on a mobile device, information will be posted on the page.


For questions or concerns about this project, please contact