Research Involving Human Subjects

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What is subject to review?

The scope of the Institutional Review Board's (IRB) charge is broad. Generally, any University research that uses humans, human tissue, surveys of human subjects, or human subjects' records requires IRB review, irrespective of its funding source. The IRB's charge extends to research in the social and behavioral sciences as well as research in the health and biological sciences.

Scope of review

 IRB review and approval is required for any research involving human subjects that:

  • is conducted by University faculty, staff, or students
  • is performed on the premises of the University or clinic system
  • is performed with or involve the use of facilities or equipment belonging to the University
  • involves University patients, students, staff or faculty
  • involves clinic patients and/or patient data
  • satisfies a requirement imposed by the University as the condition for the award of a degree or for completion of a course of study in the University, or
  • is certified by an institutional official to satisfy an obligation of a faculty appointment at the University, including clinical or adjunct appointments. 


(Adapted with permission from the University of Minnesota Institutional Review Board’s Protecting Human Subjects Guide.)


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