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The library offers instruction to individuals, classes and other groups.  Below is a list of topics the library can cover.  We are also willing to talk with you about other topics not listed.  Please contact Krista Jacobson, Public Services Librarian, to set up an instruction session or discuss other potential topics.

Introduction to Library Services*

The librarian provides a brief overview of the services the library offers including how to find full text articles, how to search the collection, how to place an interlibrary loan request and information about the writing lab.

PubMed Training

There are different levels of PubMed training from basicl to more advanced.  Basic training might include the parts of PubMed, basic PubMed searches, how to find & apply filters and how to find similar articles to a selected article.  Intermediate training might include signing up for a PubMed/NCBI account and learning how to customize search results.  More advanced* training might include how to create custom filters, how to use MeSH to search PubMed and how to use the advanced searching area of PubMed. 

Other databases

The library offers other databases which can be covered briefly in conjunction with PubMed or as a tutorial on their own.


Mendeley is the citation management software recommended by the library.  The web extensions, desktop apps, and write & cite functions help anyone working on larger projects simplify adding references to projects. 

*Offered as workshops.  Check the library Newsletter for future offerings.

Individual Consultations

The following topics are best done in one-on-one or small group settings but can be expanded for larger groups.

Copyright Questions

There are no lawyers in the library but if you have questions about how you’re using images or articles in your classroom, we’d be happy to discuss how copyright law factors into what you can use and how to find alternative options to lessen the risk of potential violations. 

Specific Topics

If you’re working on a paper and would like assistance finding articles on your specific topic, we can help.

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