Northwestern supports measure for massage registration

Rob Karwath | May 03, 2016

Northwestern's Michele Maiers published a commentary piece in the Star Tribune explaining the university's support for a bill establishing voluntary registration for massage therapists.

Massage therapists play an important and growing role in Minnesota health care. They are employed by medical centers and hospitals, cancer treatment facilities and rehabilitation programs. They are partners on integrative health-care teams. In practices big and small, they offer non-drug pain relief options that are critically needed as we see the opioid abuse epidemic sweeping across our state and country.

This spring, a proposal in the Minnesota Legislature would establish a process to certify that registered massage therapists and other body-work professionals have been vetted and are bound to an enforceable standard of conduct. The measure would establish voluntary registration along with a criminal background check, providing prospective clients with peace of mind and also helping in the fight against human trafficking in Minnesota.

Michele Maiers, director of the Northwestern Health Sciences University's Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy, wrote a commentary piece that appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune's Opinion pages explaining why the university and other organizations representing health professionals support the measure. Read the full commentary piece here.

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