Students hone skills at Leadership Boot Camp

Rob Karwath | August 04, 2016

Two dozen Northwestern students developed leadership skills as part of the university's Student Leadership Boot Camp. It's one way we help our students learn to lead in healthy ways.

At Northwestern Health Sciences University, we develop the next generation of health-care leaders.

For many of our students, part of that education comes through taking leadership roles in campus organizations.

As Northwestern students, faculty and staff prepare for the start of the fall term, two dozen student leaders spent time learning leadership skills as part of our Student Leadership Boot Camp. The program focused on identifying important skills and success factors for student leaders that will serve them throughout their careers.

The Boot Camp also helped student leaders hone specific skills. These included leadership abilities and approaches that they already have experienced and developed as well as those that still are relatively new to them at this point in their lives and educations.

Sessions focused on the importance of collaboration, inclusion, goal-setting and even leadership succession planning for campus-based student organizations.

The event was led by consultants Joe Borer and Jane Canney as well as by Emily Tweed, Northwestern's Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

“Everyone is capable of being a leader," Canney said. "Students are often invited to run student organizations without the benefit of leadership development opportunities. Vice President Emily Tweed and the leaders of the Student Senate decided it was time to offer their students a chance to work together and participate in training to become effective leaders."

She added: “It was a highly energized, four-hour boot camp because the students were engaged and committed to enhance their leadership skills. They challenged themselves and each other. The results were overwhelmingly positive, and we were delighted to work with them. The students have asked for a miniseries of six one-hour sessions to be offered on focused leadership topics over the next six months. The topics are being selected and will be announced soon.”

The Student Leadership Boot Camp is one way Northwestern supports students and helps them learn to lead in healthy ways. Leadership development is part of a comprehensive education that prepares Northwestern students to be the health and wellness innovators of tomorrow.

For more information about Northwestern student organizations as well as leadership opportunities on campus, please contact the Office of Student Affairs and visit the student information resource page on our website.

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