Students have new health-career options

December 18, 2015

Northwestern partners with Bloomington Career and College Academy

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.—Northwestern Health Sciences University today announced an academic partnership with the Bloomington Public Schools’ Career and College Academy to create a new educational pathway for high school students who want to explore or enter the health sciences field.

The partnership allows high school students to take a wellness explorations course and also pursue courses leading to a Relaxation Massage Certificate. Students could complete the Relaxation Massage Certificate shortly after high school graduation. Both options will be available to juniors and seniors in the fall semester of 2016. Students pay no additional fees to take the courses through Bloomington Career and College Academy.

“The health and wellness field is growing quickly as we all understand better the importance of staying fit and healthy, and how regular treatments such as relaxation massage play a role,” said Kim Tamble, Executive Director of Partnerships at Northwestern. “Because of such strong consumer demand, we have employers in our community with immediate needs to hire massage therapists. That’s one reason we wanted to start this partnership with students at our local high schools.”

Bloomington Career and College Academy offers high school students new options to explore and pursue careers in health sciences fields, which likely will remain strong for years to come, said Supt. Les Fujitake.

“We’re pleased to partner with Northwestern and to create a Career and College Academy massage certificate option,” Fujitake said. “Thanks to the shared commitment of our partners, Bloomington Schools is helping high school students explore career pathways that will prepare them for opportunities beyond graduation.”

The partnership is the first that Northwestern has created with high schools. Tamble said it made sense to work with Bloomington Schools, which has two high schools only about three miles from Northwestern’s campus.

“Our goal is to link local students to local education options and, ultimately, to local career opportunities,” she said. “We’re excited to get started.”

For more information about the program, students and parents should contact Bloomington Career and College Academy, 952-681-6138 or, or Northwestern’s Partnership Office, 952-888-4777 ext. 274 or

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