Northwestern welcomes hundreds to Symposium

March 29, 2017

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.—Hundreds of health and wellness providers from across the country are expected to attend the 2017 Health and Wellness Symposium at Northwestern Health Sciences University, an annual gathering of professionals practicing acupuncture, massage therapy and Chinese medicine at a time of increased public recognition about the value these treatments provide.

The Health and Wellness Symposium begins Thursday and runs through Sunday, with most events on Northwestern’s campus, 2501 W. 84th St., Bloomington. Events and activities will include: hands-on workshops and demonstrations, a joint lecture on the value of integrated health care, programs on resilience in health and healing as well as resources to help providers operate sustainable practices.

The event serves as an opportunity for providers to complete continuing education credits that keep them up to date with the latest approaches in their fields. It also offers a chance to network and discuss their professions with colleagues at a time of greater appreciation and understanding for what they do.

“Across the country, awareness is growing about the importance of these treatments for pain, healing and helping all of us stay healthy and resilient,” Northwestern President Chris Cassirer said. “As we welcome alumni and other health professionals to campus for four days of discussion and learning, we’re seeing greater respect and understanding for what these treatments can do to optimize outcomes for patients and for our nation’s health-care system as a whole.”

In February, the American College of Physicians, the professional association of internists, endorsed acupuncture and massage therapy as preferred first-line treatments for patients with lower back pain. The group recommended these treatments for their effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and safety over opioids and other painkilling medications, which can be less effective and also can lead to addiction.

“This is one of the most exciting events on our campus, and this year we’re gathering at a time of greater appreciation for what our health professionals do,” said Dale Healey, Dean of Northwestern’s College of Health and Wellness, which oversees academic programs in acupuncture, massage and Chinese medicine. “The capacity to recover quickly is essential for optimal health. Given the stresses of today’s world faced by both patients and practitioners, the topic of resilience is timely for us to consider.”

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