Northwestern professors tap into the power of iBooks

Kate Martin | February 28, 2014

The tech resource gets rave reviews from students.

Chiropractic professors Tom Bergmann, DC, and Glori Hinck, DC, are publishing a series of iBooks demonstrating adjusting techniques. Four titles are currently available, designed as a supplemental resource for students taking chiropractic methods courses at Northwestern.

“Students are never far from their electronic device,” notes Dr. Hinck, associate professor and Academic Technology Director at Northwestern. “We wanted to create a visually-engaging resource that would be helpful to students when they’re not in class.”

The iBooks are designed as a comprehensive study tool, complete with full-color, interactive video that breaks down the steps in a series of spinal HVLA adjustments. The project was a collaborative venture, with Dr. Bergmann writing the content, and Dr. Hinck supplying the technology expertise. “There is a perception that there is no place for technology in teaching technique,” says Dr. Hinck. “But the iBooks are quite popular. I think students find them useful.”

Chiropractic student Laura Draxler describes them as invaluable. “I’ve purchased all four, and I use them all the time,” says Draxler, T4. “Methods is so important. It’s the foundation of what we do as chiropractors. I like feeling that I can get that help when I’m not in class. I feel like I’m doing better academically because I have that resource.”

Draxler uses the iBooks for reviewing what she learned in class as well as to preview new material so she can go into class feeling prepared. “Words mean so much more when you can see the actions at the same time,” she says.

While students who use the iBooks give them positive reviews, not all students own or have access to a Mac computer or iPad. At this time, the titles are only available in the iBook platform, selected as a user-friendly application requiring no coding experience. “We hope to publish in a cross-platform format or PC format at some point, but right now we just don’t have the coding expertise,” says Dr. Hinck.

The following titles are available in the iTunes app market: Cervical Manipulative Mechanics, Lumbar Manipulative Mechanics, Thoracic Manipulative Mechanics, and Pelvic Manipulative Mechanics. A Board Review iBook is in development.

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