Northwestern opens another clinic offering on-site care

Rob Karwath | April 24, 2017

The new clinic at an Indiana manufactured homes plant will help the company and workers reduce injuries and costs. A similar clinic in Minnesota has saved $8 for every $1 invested.

Fairmont Homes

NAPPANEE, Ind.—Northwestern Health Sciences University has opened another innovative on-site health clinic at a manufactured homes plant designed to help prevent worker injuries and allow the company to reduce costs while boosting employee morale.

The clinic, at Cavco Industries Inc.’s Fairmont Homes plant in Nappanee follows the model that Northwestern pioneered with Cavco at the company’s Friendship Homes plant in Montevideo, Minn. The Minnesota clinic has reduced injuries and costs by providing workers with education, on-site guidance about ergonomic best practices and immediate treatment if they experience issues such as back pain, extremity and muscle strain.

Since opening in 2015, the Montevideo clinic has saved Fairmont Homes $8 for every $1 that the company has invested in the clinic. Both clinics, which have low start-up costs, are staffed by local chiropractic doctors.

“We’re greatly encouraged by the results we have seen in Minnesota, and we’re pleased with the warm reception that employees and managers have given us in Indiana,” said Chad Henriksen, a chiropractic doctor and Coordinator of the Ergonomic Division of Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics at Northwestern.

He added: “We believe we have developed a national model that can help employers achieve their goals of preventing and reducing worker injuries and the costs related to them, as well as supporting efforts to attract and retain a quality workforce. Employees appreciate that Cavco is investing in them to keep them healthy.”

Northwestern President and CEO Chris Cassirer said: “We thank Cavco, its employees and the local chiropractic doctors for partnering with us to pioneer this model and to explore possible applications at other Cavco plants across the country. These efforts are part of our vision to create a healthier world, including in the workplace, and to realize the benefits of investing in health.”

The Nappanee plant recently was featured in a story in the Elkhart Truth newspaper. The Montevideo plant has been featured in stories in the Montevideo American-News and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Fairmont Homes President Brian Cira, who also oversees the Friendship Homes plant, told the Elkhart newspaper: “We want our employees to go home and tell their friends and family that they work at a good place. A happier person, a healthier person—it’s good for them but also good for us.”

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