Dr. Spicer Featured in TV News Story on Chiropractic Care and Babies

Kate Martin | May 15, 2012

News segment aired May 14 on WCCO News at 10.

Dr. Spicer with baby

Dr. Anne Spicer and one of her tiny patients were the focus of a WCCO TV News story on chiropractic care and babies. The patient is 2-month old Lily, the daughter of Northwestern chiropractic student Kyle Winkler and his wife Sydney.  In her calm, soothing voice, Dr. Spicer talks viewers through Lily’s visit including an assessment of spinal alignment and a gentle cervical adjustment.

Dr. Spicer says that her experience has shown that adjusting babies can help relieve colic, digestion problems, reflux ear infections, colds, nursing trouble, crying, and overall fussiness. She notes that a fast delivery – three hours or less – can be very forceful on baby and mother. “We tend to see more spinal misalignments and injury with a fast delivery,” says Dr. Spicer, who estimates about 20 percent of chiropractic care is focused on kids.

While a pediatrician interviewed for the story cast some skepticism on the practice of adjusting babies, Dr. Spicer points to studies by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association on safety and effectiveness.  “90 percent get better with a simple spinal adjustment,” says Dr. Spicer. “So I feel an obligation that way. We need to treat those babies.”

Find the story and video on WCCO.com.

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