Your Voices Were Heard

Kate Martin | August 06, 2012

Strategic Plan Renewal Update

Your voices were heard by the University's leadership team and Board of Trustees. The feedback gathered about proposed University institutional goals and strategic objectives in June and July has compelled University leaders to step back and reconsider the current strategic plan status. This requires the Northwestern community to revisit the mission and vision of this institution. “The University community provided exceptional thought and important information that really emphasized the need to reassess,” said Christina Frazier, PhD, Director of Institutional Research and Strategic Planning.

Dr. Frazier will be meeting with a Board of Trustees sub-committee in the upcoming weeks to draft a new mission and vision of Success. The campus community will again be engaged to provide feedback through focus groups and open community forums that will take place between late August and mid-September.

“Outstanding things are happening at Northwestern,” said Dr. Frazier. “There is a collective momentum across and deep within the Northwestern community. Now is the time to share, align, celebrate and advance our work.”

For more information on the Strategic Plan Renewal or if you’d like to share feedback, please contact Dr. Frazier at ext. 466.

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