Facilities Team Busy With Building Upgrades

Kate Martin | October 01, 2012

Classrooms and other areas get a facelift.

When students leave for summer break each August, the activity level on campus slows to a near halt. The hallways and classrooms are strangely quiet, and many staff and faculty schedule time off as well. However, the facilities team takes advantage of the slow period to complete many classroom and building projects. This year was no exception, as they addressed regular maintenance and classroom enhancements.

Upgrades recently completed include:

  • Installing a new fire alarm system throughout the entire building
  • Installing water, sink and cabinet to Room 15
  • Painting the nurse practitioner and acupuncture treatment rooms in the UHS clinic
  • Draining and acid washing the swimming pool, along with upgrades down to the filtering system
  • Installing new carpet in seven classrooms: L4, L5, L6, 201, 203, 206, 207
  • Replacing carpet with tile in Room 27 changing room
  • Enhancing Rm 209/211 with these improvements:
    • new ceiling
    • new lighting  (both fluorescent and can lighting with dimmers)
    • new baseboard heating system
    • fresh paint
    • upgrades done to HVAC system


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