Centricity system launches June 1

Kate Martin | May 21, 2013

New technology lays the foundation for the Clinical Transformation Project.

The Clinical Transformation Project makes a major leap forward with the launch of the Centricity practice management system on June 1. This is a big milestone in terms of the larger scope of the project, and took the collaborative efforts of many people both within the clinics and from throughout the University.

A celebratory continental breakfast will be held Tuesday, June 4, from 7 a.m. - 10 a.m. in the cafeteria. All students, staff and faculty are invited to attend.

Many cross-departmental teams worked for months to ensure a seamless transition, and to maximize the interface between Centricity and the electronic health record (EHR), BackChart. The Centricity system will bring significant advancements as a tool to manage appointments, registration, billing and accounts receivable, and will fully interface with the EHR.

“Centricity is a major upgrade to our current practice management system which will help us better serve our patients,” said Brad Finer, DC, who is overseeing the Clinical Transformation Project. “I would like to recognize the entire clinic staff, as well as many others who were members of work teams that helped to drive these changes. We have a great team of dedicated people all working together to make sure we are able to use the system to the fullest potential.”

To most staff outside the clinics, the practice management system enhancements will go largely unnoticed. But they are part of a foundation of clinical transformation that will lead to new models of care, and the ultimate goal of creating an exceptional patient experience.

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