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Liala Helal | August 17, 2015

Our new, free healthy living workshops bring your life into balance.

Health Meetups - Stretching to Maximize Performance

Northwestern Health Sciences University’s natural healing philosophy is spreading to your community in convenient, one-and-done wellness workshops that began this month.

In the spirit of creating a healthier world, and helping people live healthy and learn healthy, Northwestern’s Health Meetups series will cover a range of topics, including nutrition, massage, yoga and parenting issues. Each workshop is tailored to help you live a healthier, happier life. The public is welcome to attend one workshop or several in the upcoming months. The next workshop, Stretching for Performance for runners, is set for Sept. 15.

The high-energy workshop will help participants perform a dynamic warm up and learn to maximize athletic performance and minimize common injuries that runners of all levels may experience. Dr. Scott Oswald, an assistant professor at Northwestern and chiropractor, will lead the workshop. Oswald provides chiropractic care to amateur, professional and Olympic-level athletes. He is a certified athletic trainer, coach and CrossFit consultant.

The first workshop, Healing with Balance, took place August 19 at Spirit of the Lake Yoga & Wellness Center in Excelsior. Northwestern’s Dr. Michele Renee, our Massage Therapy Program Director, brought her knowledge as a massage therapist, Doctor of Chiropractic and practitioner of acupuncture to introduce how to experience natural healing. The workshop covered how touch, innovative thinking and mindful eating can bring balance to your life.

Dr. Renee brought her knowledge of nutrition to talk about balance in diet, and traditional Chinese medicine food therapy balanced with a western perspective of nutrition. She addressed how touch brings us into balance with ourselves and with those we love.

“When it comes to thoughts, I talked about the role that our mental state plays in balancing our bodies to digest better, heal more quickly, and find a place of peace. I gave tools people can use to calm down and manage stress better,” Dr. Renee said. “I also talked about the idea of the ‘people diet’ and being more mindful about the people we are surrounded by and the degree to which their thoughts and attitudes influence our own thoughts or attitudes.”

The overall goal is to “reset our thinking to a more health-oriented mindset,” she said. “People left with the top five things they can do with diet and lifestyle, key pieces they can take home and try.”

Dr. Renee has a broad foundation of knowledge of the human body and healing work, as a massage therapist and craniosacral therapist since 1998 and a doctor of chiropractic since 2008. She also holds a 2012 chiropractic acupuncture certificate and is currently working on her master’s degree in acupuncture since 2010.

“I think we are so bombarded by what we should and shouldn’t be doing from messages in the media that it’s hard to integrate that information into our lives and come to a place of balance,” Dr. Renee explained. “These workshops help us get to that place of balance.”

Future workshops include Mediterranean Eating, Strength Training, Chinese Food Therapy and Women’s Health.

Learn more about our Health Meetups series and Healthy Living Workshops, and register online here.

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