Campus Community Encouraged to Give Feedback on the Strategic Plan Update

Kate Martin | June 25, 2012

Campus community and stakeholder involvement continues to be essential to the plan’s success.

Northwestern Health Sciences University is in the process of renewing its strategic plan, developed in 2008. It is intended to guide the university community in six core areas:  education, research, community engagement, clinical services, faculty and staff, and operations. 

Christina Frazier, PhD, Director of Institutional Research and Strategic Planning, is leading the effort. She is asking for input from the campus community as she prepares to progress to the next step. The campus community and other stakeholders are encouraged to give input, feedback and comments about the proposed University-wide goals and strategic objectives. Several of the strategic objectives have been re-categorized into the mission-driven perspective, and new strategic objectives have been identified to fill critical gaps in the strategic plan. Importantly, University-wide goals are included to support the mission-driven strategic direction.

Please visit the Strategic Plan web page to see the proposed plan and submit feedback. This comment period will be open for three weeks, through July 18, 2012.

The next phase of the strategic plan process entails considering areas of renewed focus, reprioritizing objectives and priority actions, determining performance measurements and targets, and revisiting opportunities for innovation, efficiency and advancement.

The renewal process started in April 2011, with an assessment by an Executive Strategic Planning Team. Several steps have already occurred, including:

  1. Integrated the balanced scorecard framework perspectives into a mission-driven strategic direction.
  2. Reviewed, refined and provided clarity regarding Northwestern’s goals and how these goals relate to the strategic objectives.
  3. Developed guiding principles for evaluating performance measures, which are a critical component for identifying to inform advancement toward goals.

The strategic plan has been successful in helping Northwestern make progress on strategic objectives relating to use of resources and continuous improvement; learning and growth to advance health care and research; and attracting and retaining qualified, exceptional students, faculty, staff and administrators. The renewal process will help the University advance and refine its performance and aims to instill long-lasting change in the institutional culture. The involvement of the campus community and stakeholders continues to be essential to the plan’s success. 

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