2022 White Coat Ceremony: Smiles, Laughs, and Maybe a Tear or Two

T6 Students outside in their white coats at the 2022 white coat ceremonyIt was a beautiful day for the Fall 2022 T6 white coat ceremony on Saturday, September 24. Friends, family and faculty gathered to witness and celebrate our transition into clinical education. There were smiles, a lot of laughs and I’m sure at least one person shed a tear.

Chris Major, DC, DACBR, ATC was chosen by our cohort as our main speaker, and fellow classmate, Logan Eckhoff, lead us in our chiropractic oath, crafted by a diverse group of our classmates to represent all of our dreams and commitments moving forward in our careers. Below are quotes from some select white coat recipients:  

“What makes me excited about our cohort is the diversity and empathy we will bring to the profession. This group will provide quality healthcare to a lot of people who have yet to experience a doctor who truly advocates for their health and wellness” -Logan Eckhoff  

“We formed in a more difficult time period and that really brought us together as a cohort. All of us are pretty close knit and we are always there to help each other and I think that is something very special. Even though we are still in school, I know that 10, even 20 years into my practice, I will be in contact with the friends I made here in chiro school. Especially the current T6s.” -Michael Holsing  

“Our cohort is a fantastic, diverse group of future professionals. I’m excited for all of us on entering clinic and having the opportunity to now put our knowledge to practice! I think we as a cohort are entering the chiropractic profession at the perfect time, being an answer to the MSK burdens in the standard medical system after COVID-19 and as an answer to the continued opioid crisis.” -Kristen Kaleta  

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our journey so far!  

Story by Kit Harlow, Chiropractic Student